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On Education and Legacies

When Raissa and I started the Finker-Frenkel Legacy Foundation, we chose to focus on the word “legacy.” For us, the Foundation was our way of not only making a change, but instilling our children with the values of philanthropy that we strive to live by every day of... read more

Modernizing Recruitment and Retention

When it comes to hiring new employees as a business, you want to make sure you get it right the first time. Even with a thorough recruitment process, hiring is always a risk for a company. It costs time and resources to train employees, not to mention the effort... read more

The Anatomy of Workplace Culture

We live in the age of the individual. In the corporate world, more and more executives are choosing to recreate their companies as places where ideas are exchanged freely and hard work is rewarded. I’ve already talked about ways to promote employee engagement; but how... read more