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Zen 101: How to Be Smart and Stay Calm

When it comes to entrepreneurship, leadership, or just being a solid part of a team, it always pays to have control over your emotions. Stress and pressure is a part of any career, and everybody will experience inevitable go through many stressful scenarios over the...

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Workplace Financial Wellness Plans

With the new paradigm of office culture comes increased efforts among companies to provide for the well-being of their employees. Work from home time, health plans, and even in-house fitness centers have been experimentally rolled out in various corporations to...

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On Education and Legacies

When Raissa and I started the Finker-Frenkel Legacy Foundation, we chose to focus on the word “legacy.” For us, the Foundation was our way of not only making a change, but instilling our children with the values of philanthropy that we strive to live by every day of...

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