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Lazar Finker—How A Local Nonprofit Can Scale

Expanding your nonprofit can be an exciting process. Of course, there are certainly challenges that accompany the prospect as well. Depending on your needs and goals, your nonprofit can scale in different ways. Below are a few areas to consider when scaling your nonprofit.



From the time you started your nonprofit to its current standing, it is safe to say that many things have changed. Whether your overall mission had shifted its focus or the intricacies of your objectives have deviated, taking time to reconsider the purpose of your nonprofit is a great idea.

Scaling your organization by rewriting bylaws and other doctrines as well as conducting meetings with community members to address new or worsening concerns could be productive. This is also a great time to broaden your perspective and extend your ideas to a larger audience.



As your nonprofit has grown, chances are your needs for strong leadership have grown, too. Whether you scale by hiring additional leaders to manage the operations and staff of your organization or by striving to improve the effectiveness of your current leadership through educational opportunities, change is essential for growth. Leaders directly impact the productivity and success of an organization and ensure that progress continues beyond their own efforts.



Perhaps the most obvious choice is to scale your nonprofit financially. With the additional money collected from donations, fundraising, or other means, you will be able to organize events, rent (or buy) a larger space, and acquire better equipment or supplies for your organization. In scaling your nonprofit financially, you may also consider devoting time to financial education, so as to provide your volunteers and employees with an ongoing education of proper budgeting, strong financial management, and a better understanding of your organization’s expenses.



Cultivating healthy relationships and creating a strong network are essential parts of establishing and growing an organization. When you decide you want to scale your nonprofit, consider taking additional steps toward increased community outreach. This course of action could include posting advertisements, providing more opportunities for engagement and education, connecting with other nonprofits (both new and old!), or hiring more staff.

All of these steps can help advance your nonprofit’s reputation while expanding your community network and allowing your work to reach more people.


Scaling a nonprofit can be challenging and costly, but identifying which areas will be the most beneficial and productive for your organization can help you limit the stress of undertaking this process of growth and development.