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Lazar Finker—Temple Beth Sholom

In Southern Florida, no organization exists in a vacuum—particularly any related to the area’s thriving Jewish community.


Take, for example, Temple Beth Sholom Miami Beach. For the uninitiated, it’s an organization dedicated to Reformist Jewish values in the area, offering facilities and education for residents. However, it’s also an organization with a strong strategic backing befitting a philanthropic organization of its scale. The Temple has spent time both redefining its mission statement and ensuring that its operational goals align with this.


The Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation has a history of supporting Temple Beth Sholom as part of our mission. For us, it comes with being a part of a wider community—in fact, some of the other organizations we work with, such as Miami Jewish Health Systems and Mt. Sinai Hospital, are also partners with the Temple. We’re jointly committed to many of the same values that permeate both the Jewish and philanthropic communities. The Temple has spent time tying their values with strategic action—something that should be at the core of any nonprofit.




At Temple Beth Sholom, staff members are dedicated to promoting both spiritual growth and engagement. This is a journey that can last a lifetime, from Hebrew school for youth to life milestones and weekly Shabbat events. In the Jewish faith, great importance is placed upon developing values and learning history and scriptures throughout all stages of life, and Temple Beth Sholom is committed to helping individuals every step of the way. The organization even adopts tactics such as meditation and yoga, to encourage mindfulness and self-discovery.




As with any Jewish community center, Temple Beth Sholom offers education for all stages of life. Far from sticking with one program, personnel at the Temple reevaluate programs and create content that better serves the congregation and promotes engagement. Education is something that the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation values highly as well—donating to child development and promoting the importance of early education. Adult education programs at Temple Beth Sholom focus on empowering individuals to give back to their communities and learn to teach others.




An engaged community should be active and involved in any new developments. Temple Beth Sholom understands this and cultivates both a number of strategic partners and welcomes any new members to their congregation. For the diverse individuals that visit the Temple, the staff works to identify and accommodate for areas of need. Temple Beth Sholom aims to remain relevant throughout the lives of anybody that comes through their doors.


Social Justice


Balancing advocacy, awareness, and action, Temple Beth Sholom’s social justice initiative is almost a nonprofit in of itself. Many of their partners are nonprofits looking to make a positive impact on all of Southern Florida, and the Temple works to involve its congregation in outreach and recurring service projects.