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As a capitalistic society, it has become a common trend for employed individuals to pursue their career for selfish reasons. All too often there seems to be no real motive behind what these individuals do. No reason aside from monetary gain, personal security, or financial stability. Yet, this selfish mentality of securing work for one’s self without giving thought to the community at large could very well be responsible for the lack of philanthropy, empathy, and cultural awareness that pervades society today.

The logic behind working a job or building a business has to go beyond simply just making a living. When I started my business, I had one firm thought in mind, “to provide the means for my family to change the world.” By building better relationships between countries through global trade, commerce, and networks I have facilitated an avenue for them to do so. Through the development of businesses in these foreign communities, I have been able to positively affect the lives of those less fortunate individuals which live in poorer areas.

Rather than temporarily alleviating these communities’ struggle with food or donations, I have given these men and women a constant influx of resources by creating more permanent jobs for them. While expanding my own business, I have been able to provide them with a source of income that they can use to purchase their own food, clothing, and essentials..

As their local economy strengthens, the area itself grows with resources and capital. This in turn fosters a greater amount of tourism and political favor in addition to many more positive results. A snowball effect then ensues and the area continues to build upon what it has already gained, thus eventually bringing what was a low-income community out of poverty and into prominence.

This is exactly what Forum Capital Group strives to do on an everyday-basis. We work to develop a greater diversity of product sourcing for local economies’ fish businesses. By targeting low-income areas, we breathe fresh life into the regions that need it most rather than just contributing to already opulent communities.

There is no reason to not think about the global community when we pursue each of our chosen careers. We can combine philanthropy, business, success , generosity, ambition and altruism. There is no rule confining ambition to selfish purpose aside from the societal norm. Break the mold and lend a hand. As the saying goes, “give a hungry man a fish & he will eat for a day, teach that hungry man how to fish & he will feed his whole tribe.” It will not pull you down. I promise.