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Everyone wants to have their business at the top. However, there’s a difference between having a business and having a business that matters. When people look at your business, what do they see? Do they see another service out to make a quick buck, or do they see quality customer service and a quality product? There are a few details to focus on to make sure your business matters and stands apart from others.


Customer Value

Customers need to come first in any business. They are your main asset, and their happiness is paramount. If a customer asks you a question, give them an educated and clear answer. Stay patient, go over the expectations and try to put yourself in their shoes—what would you want to see as a customer at your company?


Provide Expertise

The last thing you need is to have a customer ask you something about your business or a product you’re selling that you don’t have an answer to. It goes without saying that you need to know your company, your mission, and your goals and the products like the back of your hand. If you happen to not know an answer to something, there’s no harm in passing the customer to someone who does know. Beyond this, you should endeavor to be an expert on matters tangential to your business, such as related industries and companies. Know what your value proposition is and strive to provide it to your customers.

Hire Trusted People

Your company is like your second family. You wouldn’t invite strangers into your home, and you shouldn’t hire people that you don’t know much about. Hiring standards are important, even if you are in dire need of more employees. When hiring, take a careful look at résumés, obtain background checks, call references and do your research. You want people that you can get to know personally on the job and feel confident in their ability to succeed and represent your business well. Consider not just their skills, but the way they contribute to the culture of your team.


Connect with Your Community

Do well for your community as well as your company! The book “Matter: Move Beyond the Competition, Create More Value, and Become the Obvious Choice” states that, as a business, you should be focused on more than just the “buy and sell” of your company. Make an effort to reach out to your community and be involved by donating money, time, or interest. Outreach programs can make you more visible and allow you to live by your stated values and mission.


For any business, from a startup to established enterprise, it is always worth examining your stated values and learning if there are ways you can improve and make a difference for your customers, employees, and community.