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Lazar Finker—Children's Homes

Through our many partnerships, the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation strives to create change across generations, seeking to instill a culture of giving and contribution from all. The Foundation is active in a variety of areas, as per the interests of all involved in the organization. From helping to throw charity galas to supporting educational causes, the Foundation values the myriad ways that individuals and organizations can give back to those around them.


One of our most valued causes has always been children’s welfare. When we first came to the United States, we sought to find a foothold with whatever we had to support our family. From there, our “family” came to encompass our community in Jacksonville, Miami, and beyond. A big part of the Foundation is giving children the means to grow in a healthy environment and know that they are loved and supported—and we achieve this by supporting a number of children’s homes in the US and abroad. It’s a central part of our identity and ties into many of our other causes, including medicine, education, and religious development.


When it comes to the latter, we support Jewish children’s homes, most notably Our Home in Moscow. Our donations have gone toward a variety of needs for the home itself and its residents. Through our support, we’ve helped provide food and clothing for residents of the orphanage as well as the resources necessary to help them discover their Jewish heritage and learn more about their roots. On Jewish holidays, we sponsor a variety of activities, including gifts, learning opportunities, and entertainment. Purim and Hannukah celebrations are among the most cherished for residents every year.


Beyond that, our donations helped support a total renovation of the home. As children traveled for the summer, crews were able to make much-needed repairs and improve facilities. Thanks to these renovation efforts, the children were able to return to a safer and more productive environment for their next year of learning. And for the summer, residents of the home are able to travel to Israel on birthright and visit locations significant to the Jewish faith.


Even during the school year, Our Home’s programs accommodate for extracurricular trips and learning opportunities for students, including the chance to participate and perform with a choir. These sorts of events are integral in ensuring that children grow up in an enriching environment and are able to participate in activities that align with their interests.


In the United States, the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation contributes primarily to His House Children’s Home, sponsoring their recent Imagine gala. We support and aim to empower HHCH’s mission of providing support for disadvantaged children and families, providing resources, housing, and on-site medical services. HHCH specializes in aiding immigrant families as they adapt to living in the United States—ensuring that they’re kept together and safe in what can be a challenging time.


For disadvantaged children, growing up in an enriching environment can be the key to positive development. Places like Our Home and His House Children’s Home provide the resources necessary for children to create lives and happy futures for themselves—and the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation is happy to help out every step of the way.