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TimelyMannersIn a modern lifestyle full of distractions, with dozens of things clamoring for attention, it can be difficult to prioritize properly and stay on task, especially for entrepreneurs who may need to multitask extensively just to sustain their business.

Of course, the root of these problems is budgeting time. Mismanaged time has the potential to lead to mistakes, lost productivity, and dissatisfied clients or customers. The following are just a few of the many methods that you can use to cut down on wasted time and increase productivity.

Stay off social media at work.

Social media is a deep rabbit hole to fall into, full of endless warrens of interesting, but ultimately trivial, content. For many, the myriad of social media platforms available leads to a feedback loop of rotating through various feeds without end. Perhaps I’m being slightly dramatic, but periodically checking your accounts can eat up more time than you realize.

Try to avoid it; you’ll get a lot more done, and it’ll reflect well on your work ethic and commitment.

Eliminate unnecessary meetings.

Meetings are useful as a tool for collaboration and information, but too many can do more harm than good. That’s not to say you should eliminate every meeting on your schedule; but try to weed out those concerned with minutiae that can be easily discussed through email.

Across the internet, this is one of the most frequently occurring pieces of productivity advice, and for good reason. Like social media, the time gradually piles up, until potentially weeks of work are lost.

Stop checking your email as often.

This is similar to our earlier concerns about social media, as it provides a distraction that you feel compelled to address immediately. Set aside time for answering emails instead of clicking back to that tab every time you get a notification. You’ll have a much smoother time accomplishing tasks if they aren’t broken up every few minutes.

Don’t multitask.

I cannot stress this enough; transitioning from one task to another hurts productivity more than anything else. Perhaps this is the essential core of all of the other tips listed here, in that doing one thing at a time, even if you have multiple concerns, is the best way to produce work in a timely and competent manner.

Take breaks.

…All of that said, you deserve some time for yourself. Yes, that’s right. Not only are regular breaks essentially for reducing stress, but they actually improve productivity by clearing your mind, giving you renewed focus when you return to the task at hand.

Some companies are taking this even further by including exercise equipment in the office for employees to use during breaks. Running or walking can increase endorphins, energy, and ultimately, productivity, so even if your office isn’t like this, pursue a daily walk or something to that effect!

Wrapping up.

The fabled “work-life balance” starts at work. Productivity in the office is associated with heightened energy and greater life satisfaction. Whatever your methods are for increasing your amount and quality of work, be sure to regulate yourself and manage your time wisely!